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Jim’s Joints has risen from the drive, passion and enjoyment of joinery and woodworking of one man, predictably named Jim. I have had a very varied professional career working in many sectors from catering, to civil engineering, to manufacturing engineering, to name but a few. This I believe has given me a very well rounded skill set which I intend to make full use of to make Jim’s Joints the thriving success story I know that it can be. I have always had a real passion for designing and creating things, and a mild obsession over attention to detail, so moving in to a traditional trade craft and working for myself seemed a very logical decision for the next step in my professional career. I hope that this passion, attention to detail, and unique approach to joinery comes across with every single product that I produce for you, the customer.

Traditional methods
It would be to the detriment of profitability to not use a small selection of modern tooling, power tools and machinery but we believe in creating as many of our products as possible using traditional hand crafted methods with a wide selection of traditional hand tools. This we believe gives our products a more natural, bespoke, hand crafted feel.
Local Supply
Here at Jim’s Joints we aim to source as much of our materials, tools and the products we use from as local a source as possible, and encourage other businesses to do the same, so that together we can try to improve the local economy.
Sustainability should be an important factor for any modern and forward thinking business, we are no different! Our materials are sourced from as local a source as possible, we are very keen advocates of the use of recycled materials and also passionate about breathing new life in to old products (such as furniture etc).
Re-defining Joinery
Our definition of joinery is not quite the same as others. Most see joinery as windows, doors, staircases and not much else. We can produce these types of products but don’t see why we should be limited to only these to be seen as a joinery company. We are keen to create a wide range of products from the traditional mentioned above, to the less traditional, such as: picture frames, shelving, storage solutions, cabinets, furniture, kitchen products and many more.
Jim’s Joints is a business established out of a huge amount of passion and enjoyment for what is a trade craft/skill that seems to be diminishing in the modern world. The rise of flat pack, mass produced and cheap to buy products has left the world feeling like a very uniform and dreary place in our eyes. We are here to change that!! I believe (and hope) that together we can begin to become more individual again and escape the pitfalls and dreariness of mass produced, cheaply made and sourced products and that this can be done without meaning that you, the customer, have to pay a fortune for this to be the case.
You're in Control
Our key feature is the bespoke/custom nature of every single product we produce, you are in control of what we make for you. In these early stages all products will be made by design, to order, and finished to any standard that you wish. As the business grows and a core range of products is established then options such as material type used, finish used, fixtures and fittings used, look of the products, custom lettering or engraving, personalised messages or phrases etc will be entirely in the hands of you, our customers.

We pursue our passion for finest quality.

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One off products – This can range from a one off design of a particular item (at request of a customer) to one off pieces of unique furniture or storage solutions that we have produced by refurbishing/repurposing an old piece of furniture or recycled materials and products.
Custom/Bespoke products to order – It is our hope that although we may well produce a lot of products that look similar, each and every product that we sell can be uniquely different to each of our customers in some way. Whether this be material(s) used, finish used, a different design or look to the product, or more personal touches such as bespoke lettering, engraving, phrases or personalised messages or quotes.
Base Range of products – As the business, and thus the web presence, is able to grow we will be introducing a base range of products such as picture frames, shelving, storage solutions, cabinets, furniture, kitchen products and many more.

Thank you for being with us all this time.

Most important events in our company history.
July 2012
Breaking point of working for others, quit full time employment and began brainstorming business ideas
August 2012
Started part time employment, settled on pursuing Bench Joinery as the base trade for my business
September 2012
Enrolled on Bench Joinery course at Weymouth College, part time
July 2013
Finished year 1 of course, learned a good base level skillset
July 2014
Completed year 2 of course and obtained level 2 qualification in Bench Joinery, solidified my brainstorm ideas into a more solid plan of what I wished to achieve
July 2015
Completed year 3 of course and obtained level 3 qualification in Bench Joinery
August 2015
Left part time employment to dedicate time to establishing the business and pursuing funding, began working on small projects for myself/friends/family
September 2015
Started process of establishing fully functional joinery workshop by building business plans
January 2016
After 4 months of business plan building and applying for loans (with no positive responses due to high costs) re-think of business plan started
March 2016
Jim’s Joints launched on the web and social media platforms, open for business!!
February 2016
Business plan moved to smaller scale, lower cost, traditional hand crafted methods based business model with a view to building from this and growing in to the original business plan

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